Frequently Asked Questions

Does my policy cover a rental car for vacation/pleasure use?

Yes, the liability limits of your current policy will extend over to the rental vehicle. For physical damage (comprehensive & collision) the deductibles that are on your policy will apply to the rental vehicle. The vehicle is covered on an Actual Cash Value basis (depreciation applies). If the rental company is requiring replacement cost for the vehicle, you will need to purchase insurance through the rental company.

I have an ATV / Motorcycle / Boat /Jet Ski sitting in my garage, is there coverage under my Homeowner’s / Automobile Policy?

No, there are exclusions that apply to the Homeowner’s & Automobile policies. Separate policies need to be written to cover the unit for liability and/or physical damage.

How does Rental Reimbursement apply?

Rental Reimbursement applies to an insured vehicle when it is not drivable due to a covered loss. Most often used as a replacement vehicle when an insured vehicle is currently being repaired due to a claim. Rental Reimbursement does not apply to normal wear and tear on vehicles.

What should I do if I have a claim and my agent is unavailable or I am reaching them outside or normal business hours?

You can contact the company direct at their 24hour claim service number. See your policy for details or use one of the links on our website.

Do I need coverage if I’m only renting?

Yes, with a Renter’s Policy you will be provided with coverage for your Contents (Personal Property) but more importantly it provides you with Personal Liability Coverage, in the event you are involved in a law suit stemming from bodily injury or property damage of others. This coverage is unavailable without a Homeowner’s/Renters Policy.

Does my policy cover Jewelry & Firearms in full?

If the Jewelry/Firearms are scheduled onto the policy there will be coverage in the event of a direct loss due to theft, misplacement and wear & tear at the full value it is scheduled for with no deductible. If it is not scheduled it is subject to policy limits & subject to the deductible.

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