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There are two forms of crop insurance for farmers throughout the United States:

  1. Private Crop Programs
  2. Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI).

Located in the Kingsburg Insurance building, Central Valley Crop Insurance represents all government Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) programs, along with Special Perils Crop Insurance.

California: The Nation’s Most Bountiful Agricultural State

California plays host to a 35 billion dollar agricultural industry. The Golden State is home to Joaquin Valley, the world’s single most productive region. Nine of the 10 most productive counties in the nation are located in the state of California. Producing more than 400 different crops, California also has the distinction of being the nation’s only producer of a wide variety, such as raisins, walnuts, artichokes, almonds and olives. California is responsible for nearly half of the nation’s production fruits, nuts and vegetables.

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In order to meet the demands for insurance protection,
Central Valley Crop Insurance provides a host of coverages, including:

  • Federal Multi-peril Crop
    This Federal crop insurance is reinsured by the federal government and issued by private companies. As a multi-apparel coverage, MPCI policies enable producers to protect their crops against many natural perils including adverse weather, fire, irrigation failure and wildfire. Risk Management Agency (RMA), a division of the USDA, determines insurable crops and insurable counties.
  • Crop Hail
    Crop hail insurance offers coverage for losses to growing crops caused by hail. A crop hail policy can also include coverage against other perils including fire, wind (when a company buys a separate endorsement), lightning, vandalism and malicious mischief. Crops can also be insured against damage incurred during transport to a first place of storage and in the first non-commercial place of storage.
  • Citrus Freeze
    Citrus freeze insurance is an annual policy protecting Citrus Growers against losses due to internal or external damage caused by freeze while the fruit is on the trees.
  • Raisin Reconditioning with Additional Field Expenses
    This annual policy reimburses growers for additional expenses incurred for washing or drying reconditioning that is directly necessary because of rainfall while the raisins are drying in the insured vineyard during the insurance policy term. This insurance does not protect against lost production or a decrease in raisin value.
  • Tomato Rain
    This insurance covers losses caused by the development of mold or rot or the inability to harvest processing tomato crops due to excessive rain.
  • Extra Long Staple (ELS) Cotton Rain
    ELS insurance covers the ELS cotton against any grade reduction as a result of excessive rainfall.

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