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Employee Benefits from Kingsburg Insurance Agency

Maintaining the right staff is critical in a competitive market place. To attract and keep the best of the best, it takes more than a base salary. More and more professionals insist on and expect to receive a competitive employee benefits package. Once considered a perk, employee benefits are now looked upon as a critical part of a total pay plan. Skilled employees don’t see benefits as extras anymore. Savvy employers understand that getting and keeping quality people requires a solid employee benefits package.

Good for Your Staff, Good for Your Business

As an employer, providing a competitive package of employee benefits can positively and profoundly affect the lives of those you employ. The rewards for the employee are fairly obvious. However, your company reaps rewards as well. Generally speaking, if a company has a reputation for offering good benefits, they find recruiting talented employees much easier. This means you spend less money on recruitment. You may also realize additional benefits when it comes to marketing and sales. Potential customers have a more positive perception of a company known for treating their employees well.

Health Insurance is the foundation upon which your benefit package is built. Offering additional benefits sets you apart and provides additional bargaining when it comes to landing the right employee for your company.

Since health insurance is currently legislated to some degree, it can be a confusing process choosing a group health insurance package. Contact us to learn more about how Kingsburg Insurance Agency is helping employers obtain affordable group health insurance coverage.

Additional Group Benefits Include:

  • Dental Insurance – There are four broad service classes of dental care that are usually covered at different levels by dental insurance. These include diagnostics and preventative care, basic services, major services and orthodontics. Your Kingsburg insurance agent will explain the different deductibles, service classes, plan maximum coverage and other variables to help you determine what the best dental insurance plan is for you and your company.
  • Vision Insurance – There are a variety of flexible plan designs for group vision insurance, such as $0 co-pay options. Various plans offer different cost-reducing coverages for everything from routine eye examinations to prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. Some plans even offer discounts on elective vision correction surgery such as LASIK and PRK. Kingsburg Insurance Agency can walk you through the cost and benefits associated with the various plans.
  • Medical Insurance – The most well known benefit also happens to be the most complicated program to navigate. However, your Kingsburg insurance agent can cut through the confusion and present plans that meet both employee needs and your company’s budgetary requirements.
  • Disability Insurance – This important coverage replaces lost income and wages for a set period of time for employees who are unable to work due to disability. There is a maximum income benefit based on a percentage of total employee earnings before the disability. This coverage is available in both short-term and long-term payout plans, which your Kingsburg insurance agent can explain.

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