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Workers Compensation Insurance from Kingsburg Insurance Agency

Regardless of the size or type of your business, each and every business located in California is required by state law to carry Workers Compensation Insurance. This important coverage pays for the medical cost and disability benefits of employees who suffer on-the-job injuries and/ or illnesses, regardless of fault. Failure to adhere to California State Workers Compensation Insurance requirements can result in severe regulatory penalties.

Protection For You and Your Employees

We’re often asked why, other than it being a legal requirement, would a business carry Workers Compensation Insurance? The reasons are actually beneficial to both you as a business owner and to your employees. First, you expose your business to the full cost of work-related injuries and illnesses. By purchasing Workers Compensation Insurance, you avoid costly lawsuits by employees who are injured on the job.

Having Workers Compensation Insurance in place ensures that employees won’t delay in getting adequate medical treatment after a work site injury or illness simply due to lack of financial ability.

Workers Compensation Insurance offers five basic benefits to employees:

  1. Medical Care
    This is paid by the employer to help the employee recover from injuries or illnesses caused by work.
  2. Temporary Disability Benefits
    These are provided to the employee in the form of payments should they lose wages due to an injury that prevents them from performing their usual job during their recovery period.
  3. Permanent Disability Benefits
    Continued payments to employees that don’t completely recover.
  4. Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits
    Employees receive vouchers that help pay for retraining and or skill enhancement in the event they do not recover completely and can’t return to work.

Many workers’ compensation insurers will work with medical providers to facilitate the speedy and healthy return of employees to their jobs following an injury.

How Are Premiums Determined?

Several variables come into play when determining workers compensation premiums:

  • Industry Type and Job Classification
    The higher the potential risk, the higher the rate
  • Business Jurisdiction Location
    Due to the variation by jurisdiction of benefits owed and losses experienced
  • Total Company Payroll
    The applicable rate is applied for every $100 of payroll
  • Experience Modification Factor
    Claim frequency and severity compared to similar businesses and job classifications

Your Kingsburg Insurance professional will be happy to explain your options concerning workers compensation Insurance. There are specific employer responsibilities required by California state law. Knowing and understanding these responsibilities and requirements can guarantee your
compliance and help you avoid costly fines and other possible repercussions.

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