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Life & Health Insurance Options by Kingsburg Insurance Agency

When considering the many different variables, changes and chapters of life, most people don’t put much thought towards health issues. Generally speaking, we take good health for granted until a sickness becomes a reality. Should a prolonged illness result in an extended hospital stay, that illness becomes the center of attention for the entire family. In addition to the emotional turmoil, there are practical financial worries. The ever-increasing cost of medical care makes it almost impossible for the average family to cover these costs without some type of health insurance in place.

Preparing for Life’s “What If” Moments

What happens when the unthinkable occurs and the family breadwinner dies? While the idea is something we don’t enjoy thinking about, failure to plan for this possibility has left many families facing financial hardships… hardships that could have been avoided with minimal planning and cost.

Protecting Your Family Today and Tomorrow

Kingsburg Insurance Agency offers real world solutions for those surprises that life sends our way. Whether you’re an individual looking for an affordable health insurance plan for you and your family, or a business owner in need of group life and health insurance for your employees, the experienced professionals at Kingsburg Insurance Agency can provide a plan that meets your needs today and tomorrow.

You Have Options with Kingsburg Insurance Agency

As an independent insurance agency, Kingsburg can present options from a variety of life and health insurance providers who specialize in both group and individual insurance plans. These top-rated, financially secure insurance carriers share our commitment for excellence in customer service. With a host of policies available, we’ll help you put together a plan that’s both effective and affordable.

Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Throughout the past 70 years, Kingsburg insurance agency has developed relationships with a diverse group of life insurance companies. Many of these companies specialize in Group Insurance products, including group life insurance. Our team works with your team to deliver solid group life plans. Whether you’re looking for the simple yet effective protection provided by basic term life insurance or prefer permanent life insurance plans that offer both traditional life insurance benefits with the added advantage of tax-deferred savings, Kingsburg Insurance Agency has exactly what you need.

Individual Life Insurance

Contemplating death isn’t something anyone enjoys doing. However, avoiding the implementation of a simple life insurance plan can result in problems that are far more devastating than the temporary discomfort of facing this possibility.

You can provide your entire family with a peace of mind that comes from knowing their financial future is secure, even if you’re not there. A smart life insurance plan can help your family meet ongoing financial obligations, including:

  • House payments / rent
  • Installment loans (car payments)
  • Credit card debt
  • Ongoing tuition expenses
  • Health, Auto, and other insurance protection
  • Ongoing day-to-day living expenses

Kingsburg Insurance Agency offers a wide variety of life insurance options, including:

  • Term Life Insurance
    Affordable Life Insurance for a predetermined period of time.
  • Whole Life Insurance
    Lifetime life insurance coverage featuring lifetime level premiums. This policy accumulates a cash value that grows tax-deferred.
  • Universal Life Insurance
    Providing flexible coverage and flexible premiums, universal life insurance has many of the same features as whole life, including tax-deferred cash value growth. Premiums are subject to change should they prove to be insufficient to cover the actual cost of insurance.
  • Return of Premium Term Life Insurance
    As the name implies, all paid premiums are returned to the insured at the end of the policy term.
  • Fixed Annuities
    A Fixed Annuity is a favorite investment tool for those with a low tolerance for risk. It pays out a fixed rate of return on your money. It provides a guaranteed, predictable income stream, no matter what’s going on in the financial markets.
  • Buy Sell / Key Man Life Insurance
    A Buy-Sell agreement helps business partners avoid the financial pitfalls and possible legal arguments that can occur should one of them die. It is a legally binding contract that enforces predetermined outcomes should one of the partners die, be forced to leave or choose to voluntarily leave the business.
    Key Man life insurance is a common method used to offset the adverse financial effects that can often occur when a company loses a valuable employee, partner, owner or business founder. The company purchases life insurance covering the key employee and is responsible for all premium payments. The company is the life insurance beneficiary.

Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Today’s employees consider Health Care coverage as part of their employment Compensation Plan. Gone are the days when health coverage is considered an extra benefit. In addition, the future is uncertain concerning federally mandated Health Care insurance requirements for employers. Fortunately, Kingsburg Insurance Agency has over a century of collective experience in deciphering the often-confusing group health insurance marketplace. With a network of group health insurance providers, Kingsburg Insurance Agency can provide the expertise necessary to compare plans and choose the most cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

From limited catastrophic healthcare coverage to broader comprehensive plans, as well as a variety of deductibles, available self-funded plans, co-pay plans and coinsurance plans, your Kingsburg insurance agent offers quality coverage designed with your company in mind.

Individual Health Insurance

Many individuals find themselves looking for a replacement health insurance plan following the loss of a job with an employer who offers a group health plan. Of course, continuing most health insurance policies from a group health plan is cost-prohibitive for many.

Self-employed individuals also require a health insurance plan that meets their needs, as well as their budget. Kingsburg Insurance Agency can provide a variety of options tailored to meet your specific needs and those of your family.

Health Insurance Coverage options include:

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